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All top online casinos have a specific section devoted to live casino games. In the last few years, this portion has gotten much more enjoyable. As a matter of fact, the technology has also improved, with higher image quality and faster internet connections, among other improvements in recent years.

Professional dealers are ready for you in a ‘real’ casino environment. But before they turn the first card, it’s good to take a closer look at this. What are the options? Which dealers work there? And which game is the best?

What is a live casino?

Winvio has seen realtime gambling grow strongly in recent years. The live section is a place in the online casino where you play with real dealers. You can communicate with dealers and other people at the table, and you can immediately follow all aspects of the game.

They offer all the games via a livestream. Nowadays many casinos offer games from a studio or a stream from a physical casino somewhere in the world.

It means that there is a real-time connection with a dealer who leads the game. All players who want to participate in the game can take a seat at the table when there is enough space. Limited spots are also a direct disadvantage. Unfortunately, the number of seats will always be limited.

Top 5 Live Casinos


The best live casino

There are websites with top 10, with the very best live casino at number one. But making a top 10 for all players who want to gamble is impossible.

You are the only person who can determine which one is the best for you. Important points:

  • Which games would you like to play?
  • Which betting limits do you like?
  • What are the requirements that you set for dealers at the table?
  • Should there be bonuses?
  • Should there be a chat function with which you can reach support while playing?

With these points in mind, you can compare the various online casinos.


  • Interaction and communication are possible in gambling online;
  • Wide range of games with different betting limits;
  • You can play in a 'real' casino from home;
  • You don't play against a computer, but with other people;
  • As a player you can follow the game in realtime and therefore know that everything is fair;

Which games can you play?

The provider itself mostly decides which games are available. The only limitation they have is the range of software developers. The games that are offered most in the live casino are:

People have been talking about adding other games for a long time. The online casinos, however, have to wait for the significant steps that software providers have to take.

Which providers make great games?

Dozens of providers and studios offer real-time gambling games. However, two names captured the largest market share here. On the one hand, it is Net Entertainment, the Swedish giant that has developed numerous games. On the other hand is Evolution Gaming, undoubtedly the largest provider of casino games for real-time gambling.

It’s not the case that all other software providers make inferior games. Playtech is known for good games, LuckyStreak and Extreme Live Gaming also produce high-quality games. But when we have a look at the market in the United Kingdom, then NetEnt and Evolution Gaming are the endangered top players.

A bonus in a live casino

Casinos know that many players are looking for games that they can play with a live dealer. That is also the reason why more and more live casino bonuses are available. You can only use these bonuses there. Examples are:

  • Extra money for real-time games;
  • Vouchers for certain games;
  • Chips to play.

The range of live casino bonuses varies widely. It’s mainly the tournaments and special promotions that attract a lot of players, such as a gold card in a deck at blackjack that delivers immediate cash. You can find these bonuses almost always on the promotion page. We also listed them in the reviews on our website.

Unfortunately, you can’t play for free. Most slots, table- and other games in the regular casino are available for free play. Free play comes in handy when you first want to see how the game works, and you want to know if the game is fun enough to play with real money.

The software behind a real-time gaming is expensive. These costs are the reason why it is most of the time impossible to play for free in a live casino.

The best thing you can do is look for a casino with a bonus that suits you. Sometimes you can start playing just with a reward.

Your options
Real-time gambling offers countless possibilities – when you choose the right place to play. An online casino is highly dependent on the games that software providers produce. But they also have enough options to make it attractive for players.

Of course, it’s essential to take a look at the range and the number of variations per game. But it’s just as attractive to take a look at bonuses that you can claim.

The Dealers
The requirements for dealers are, just like the quality of the games, considerably improved. Nowadays it doesn’t often happen that you come across an inexperienced, nervous or a defective dealer. The dealers and croupiers have had internal training or already have many years of experience dealing in a casino.

Of course, the level of experience differs significantly per casino. The top casinos want the best dealers and croupiers because they think about the players who wish to gamble there. Unfortunately, not all casinos put their players first. If you want to know for sure that you come across quality dealers, check out our reviews before you create an account.

The future of live casino

At the moment, the technology still is expensive because the constant streaming of data is expensive and does not always work efficiently. Providers are working hard on this. There’s a good chance that real-time gambling will become much more significant in the coming year’s thanks to the blockchain technology.

By sharing data cheaper and faster, the casino can offer many more games at the same time in a live casino. We also expect that we will encounter more and more different games in the live casino in the coming years. Now that many people want to play live, software providers have to respond to the broad demand for games.

Possible problems

When the screen suddenly turns black, the connection drops out, or when there is another problem, immediately login again at the casino. With the chat report (as detailed as possible) what happened. The customer service usually lets you know quickly what happened in the last round and whether you have made a profit or a loss.

Reporting problems is essential because you have experienced inconvenience and you can receive a discount or bonus. Also, the casino knows that there’s a problem that they need to fix.

Am I tipping yes or no?
Whether you give a tip in the live casino or not, you decide for yourself. We regularly tip when we have a big win, excellent service, or when we see another reason to push a small amount to the dealer.

Tipping is not mandatory; it’s optional. It is not the case that the dealer will play to your advantage when you tip – and it is not the case that you will get the dealer against you if you do not give a tip.

A place full of excitement and possibilities
It’s a place where they simulate a physical casino. With the improvements of recent years, it has mainly become a place full of excitement and possibilities. You can play numerous games with professional dealers and interaction is possible with croupiers and other people at the table.

A place full of excitement

A live casino is a place where they simulate a physical casino. With the improvements of recent years, it has mainly become a place full of excitement and possibilities. You can play numerous games with professional dealers and interaction is possible with croupiers and other people at the table.

Before you Play

Now that you know what games you can play and what the possibilities are, it’s time to take a look at the games. In this way, you can prepare yourself for when you will sit down at the table and look into the eyes of the dealer. Virtually, of course.

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