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Without the benefit of online casino bonuses, casinos would be a lot less popular. Because let's be honest, you can only get a real playing experience from a physical landbased casino. But besides the absence of waiting times, the welcome bonus is one of the significant advantages of playing online. Because with a free welcome bonus, a massive deposit bonus, free spins, or even a complete no deposit bonus, who wouldn't want to plat in an online casino?

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What types of casino bonuses are there?

The gambling industry has been very creative in setting up impressive welcome bonuses for new players. At our website, we list the following types of bonuses:

  • Free Spins
  • Welcome bonus
  • Deposit bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Cashback Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • High Roller or VIP Bonus

Online Casino Bonuses

Sometimes, things are too good to be true. In casinos, this sometimes may be the case. Be cautious when you see the word "free" – don't take it too seriously. When they mean with "free" that you don't have to deposit at all, the bonus really is for free – no problems so far. However, if you are required to make a deposit, then the bonus isn't actually free, and thus the name is a bit misleading. Luckily, sometimes the free casino bonuses (free spins, no deposit bonus) actually are free.

Best Casino Bonus

In our opinion, the best casino bonus is offered by Mr. Green. This bonus includes an exciting deposit bonus, but also additional free spins. Also, if you sign up at this casino, you can expect more great deals as well. These casino bonus deals make you want to keep playing! No other casino offers so many great free spins, gifts, or reload bonuses.

In second place on the list of top bonuses is Betsson. In this casino, you'll also find lots of great promotions. The great thing about the Betsson bonus is the fact that you receive lots of free spins which are linked to gamification elements. This means that all casino bonuses are poured into a game, and are a part of the hero world.

Mandatory deposit at payout: don't worry!
When you actually start playing and start winning with the free bonuses, the casino might ask you to make a small deposit, which could even just be to verify your payment method. Don't worry, though, if you've already made yourself a nice profit, a small deposit won't be a problem. And besides, when you make your first deposit, you'll get to experience the online casino at its best! You will receive more free spins, bonuses, and other benefits from it.

Spins Bonus

As you may know by now, casino bonuses come in all shapes and sizes. A bonus with free spins might be the most popular one. These spins offer players the possibility to try out the most popular slots. The potential from a bonus like this might just be something that brings new players on board. We think this is the reason that most casinos take this kind of bonus very seriously.

And so, you'll notice that many casinos give out a decent amount of spins for free. In some cases, it's even possible to claim a casino bonus without making a deposit.

Where to use it

As you may know, a spins casino bonus concerns free rounds, or in other words, free bets on a slot machine. These free rounds are given out by the casino, meaning you do not have to pay for them. Unfortunately, you can't always use the spins bonus in a slot of your own choice. Usually, the slots where you can use your spins are selected by the casino.

There are several benefits to this kind of casino bonus. Many players don't realize this, but when you take all advantages into account, you will get the most out of your bonus.

  • Try out (different) slots before you wager your own money;
  • You can try out different casinos and choose which casino is worth your own money;
  • Practice diverse strategies and become familiar with a slot without the risk of losing money;
  • Finally, you can simply play for free for a more extended period so you won't get bored.

Welcome Casino Bonus

At Winvio, we try to offer a complete overview of all different types of bonuses. Another popular kind of bonus in a casino is a welcome package. Usually, you are required to make a deposit to qualify for a welcome bonus. However, a welcome bonus can be pretty lucrative to new players. The casino determines the height of the welcome bonus. Generally, the amount increases as you deposit more money.

Pros of a welcome package
Just like a bonus with free rounds, a welcome package also has some specific benefits. We have listed the most important benefits below:

  • A welcome package is one of the most exciting bonuses if you want to start playing at a casino. This is because the amount depends on the wagering percentage, which means you can potentially win a lot of playing credit;
  • For casinos, new players are crucial. For this reason, they attempt to make the welcome package super interesting for new players. It can be very appealing to choose a casino based on its welcome bonus;
  • A welcome package is not forced by the casino, you can always turn it down. Of course, this would not be a smart option, but it says a lot about the transparency of a casino. You are entirely free to choose whether to accept this bonus;
  • In landbased casinos, a welcome package does not exist, so why still visit these when you are offered up to 2 times as much playing credit in online casinos.

Online Casino Bonus without deposit

Some people are uncertain about playing in an online casino or don't deposit money because they don't trust the casino. For these players, a no deposit bonus offers a way to get to know a place. Sometimes, these types of bonuses come with conditions. Usually, you won't be allowed to cash out your winnings just like that, but you'll be required to wager them several times first.

When you receive a casino bonus like this, it means that there's no deposit needed. You will receive free money from the casino. Most of the time, online casinos give you these bonuses as an invitation to try out their casino.

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