Cashback Bonus

Looking for ways to get a good portion of your wagered money back?

If so, a great cashback bonus can be a useful way of getting you back on your feet. In fact, many players actually prefer these types of bonuses to the regular welcome and deposit bonuses, which often come with lots of wagering terms and conditions.

As a general rule, operators will give back between 10 and 30% of your lost funds over a period of time. This amount may vary from one gaming site to another, but nowadays, operators are doing their best to make this more attractive. Keep reading to find out more.

How Do Cashback Bonuses Work?

These bonuses work very simply, in the way the name implies. These bonuses offer cold hard cash in return for losses suffered during gameplay. Typically, the amount of cash you can win is set at a fixed percentage of either your initial stake or your loss amount on a particular online game. However, a few, more innovative operators are even allowing their players to stockpile money back following successful bets. This is why it's always worth shopping around.

Different gaming sites have different incentives terms. In some casinos, like Lucky Casino for example, you must lose without doubling your first deposit. This simply implies that it's a kind of no-risk reward where you have the opportunity to either double your funds or receive back your deposit. And you can immediately withdraw it back to your bank account.

However, this offer does not always give you back all of your deposited money, except for casinos that choose to go by the term of a no-risk incentive.

Cashback Bonus Checklist

Before accepting cashback bonuses, it's always recommended to do the following:

  1. Find out the expiration time or day of the cashback promotion, so you don't get any nasty surprises.
  2. Usually, these bonuses come without wagering conditions, but there may be exceptions. Make sure you are aware of any associated wagering requirements so you don't lose out.
  3. Some bonuses may require you to enter a specific code before claiming — make it a point to find this out.
cashback bonus checklist

Claiming Cashback Bonuses

Claiming casino cashback bonuses is easy. All you have to do is select one of the many games with an associated offer — these may include slots, table games, and even some card games. Next, keep an eye on the bonus regularity. Based on the marketing interest of your selected operator, money-back bonuses can be doled out monthly, weekly, or daily. Some are even granted on a particular day.

Usually, however, you will need to be a reasonably regular gambler. If you have played with a particular operator before and staked some real money, then you will be able to qualify for this offer. In fact, some players even view these bonuses as a type of private insurance to guard against potential losses. Knowing that more funds will instantly appear in your account goes a long way towards peace of mind if things don't go as planned.

Let's illustrate with some examples:

Let's say a particular operator offers a 10% return on a slot. Wagering $200 and losing them will give you back $20 back. This money can be claimed from your account balance. This would mean that a $5,000 loss translates to $500 back. In that case, players can then use the prize to embark on a new gambling session that presents them with the chance of winning back their lost funds.

An online casino may also decide to reward players with percentage-based money back on their daily losses. For example, say you played for $300 today. If you lose the whole $300, the operator will return 20% of the amount. This means you will be ending your day with still $60 on your account balance.

Another way an operator can offer cashback is by offering, for example, 25% up to $50 on every live gaming session. In this case, if you play $300 on any live games and lose $300, the operator will return $50 dollars to your gambling account.

Irrespective of what the situation is, you should always be diligent enough to read up about it beforehand, so you know exactly when to expect it. A lot of this information is right here on our website.

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Best Cashback Casinos


Cashback Bonus Vs Welcome Bonus Vs Top-Up Bonus

These days, it is a normal practice to see leading online casinos offering their players both a welcome bonus and cashback offers. However, accepting both, either or any of these offers is entirely optional. You can choose to decline the offers and play with your deposited funds alone, if you wish to do so. Having said that, let's now look at the difference between both types of bonuses so you know to choose the best cashback offer for you.

Cashback Bonus

A money-back offer, which is our main topic, on the other hand, is a way to receive some funds back out of your losses. There are a lot of good cashback offers on the market that you can take advantage of while also gambling responsibly. We have discovered a lot of them, and we'll be sharing them with you in the latter part of this guide.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome or sign-up bonus is an incentive awarded to new players. This is designed to encourage newbies to choose that particular gambling site. It is usually simply a classic match on players' deposits. An operator may decide to double your first deposit, give you up to five times your first deposit, or up to a particular limit. This type of incentive usually comes with the highest wagering conditions, but is typically generous enough to propel you into a drawn-out first gambling session.

Top-Up Bonus

It's also important to remember that a cashback offer differs from a top-up reward. A top-up bonus is given as a percentage of a player's winnings. This simply means that you get something extra from the operator in addition to your numerous winnings. The top-up incentive typically varies between 5-10% of your winnings.

cashback bonus versus

Real Cashback and Bonus Cashback

At the beginning of this article, we hinted that cashback rewards involve real cash. But, while this is sometimes true, some casinos choose to reward their customers with bonus cash instead. In simple terms, while real cash is available for you to use any way you want, without any restrictions, bonus cash might come with some wagering conditions. Both can be played on any game of your choice, but be aware that bonus money is often capped. There is no limit on the maximum cap an operator might impose on bonus cash; some operators may decide to place their cap at $700 per month, while others opt to go with a lower amount.

Just like any other offer, players need to read the terms and conditions that come with cashback promotion and incentives. Additionally, it is wise to ensure that the games you want to bet on fall within the casino's cashback conditions before selecting it as your preferred gaming site.

Best Cashback Offers and Games

Our experts frequently undertake thorough research of each online casino's cashback offers and the available selection of games. Because of this, our advice is trustworthy, complete, and always up to date. Check out the following pages for more in-depth information:

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Real Money

live casino

Live Casino

free spins

Free Spins





Where to find the Best Cashback Bonus Casinos

As always, Winvio's commitment to provide you with comprehensive, unbiased and verified gambling guides lies behind this article. To help you decide where to play next, we've taken the time to research and compile this list of online casinos with the best cashback offers. The list is randomly arranged, so the first on the list is not better than the 5th position. In addition, this list will be updated if we find any other good contenders in the future. You can win money back at online casinos listed below:


The first on our list is Rizk. This operator certainly makes its customers work for their bonuses, but the generosity of its money-back award is definitely worthwhile. Live casino enthusiasts can recover up to 25% of losses incurred on any live table games played within a period. To do this, punters have to accumulate cashback chips. The best thing about Rizk's incentive is that the cash given back is completely no-strings-attached. So, it's yours to do what you want with it.


Gamblers who enjoy a bit of variety are well-served at Casumo Casino. The operator boasts a portfolio of over 2000+ games and one of the widest assortment of live table games on the market. Apart from the usual (rather generous) welcome offer, Casumo uses a points system to regularly reward its loyal players. Filling up the progress bar is particularly exciting because what you get is left entirely a surprise, and players can walk away with free spins, deposit bonuses or a lovely cashback bonus. Moreover, both live casino and slots qualify for these types of casino bonus.


Slotsmillion is, as the name implies, the ultimate virtual playground for slot enthusiasts. Apart from the 3500+ slots in its massive games library, gamblers also enjoy a number of very regular bonuses. Free spins are a-plenty, especially for newbies who enjoy a truly 'welcoming' welcome package. The operator also offers goodies such as Happy Hour on Fridays and a lunch break bonus. The elusive cashback offer is also available here. At the time of writing, no specific information were available forthcoming on the latter. The promotions page, however, does hint strongly at hopeful customers to subscribe and keep an eye on their mailbox.


You don't have to leap through any hoops to make the most out of Dunder's best cashback bonus. All you have to do is wait for Monday, 01:00 local time, and you'll find 10% money back on funds lost over the past week (between $50 and $10,000). There are a few conditions before you can claim your bonus though, including a 100% deposit of the refund amount, which must be made within seven days.


Karamba has made that extra effort to integrate itself successfully as a real money casino in the iGaming industry, offering a number of attractive bonuses for its players. The subject of this article, the money-back reward, can only be obtained at the end of a particular promotion, of which Karamba has many. Of course, we do always advise customers to read the fine print; getting cash back from Karamba comes with some rather stiff wagering conditions and cannot exceed $200 if they do not require a deposit.

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Choosing the Best Online Casino

The most important and critical factor to consider when looking for an operator with a money back reward, is trustworthiness and reputation. That's why all the operators we list here are verified for trustworthiness, safety, security, and reliability. We are fully aware that you're wagering with your hard-earned money, so we don't want you to worry about the fairness of the games that you're wagering your hard-earned money on. So you can rest assured that we only recommend reputable casinos here. However, it's also important to make an extra effort to read through the casino's terms and conditions before committing your money.

Cashback Bonus 2024

As mentioned before, we are constantly updating our website with the most recent and new promotions. Most of the time, new casinos reach out to us to list their new bonus on the site. To make it much easier for you to find the latest promotions, we have created a specific category with all new promotions.

We see a lot of users using these new promo’s to try out the casinos. This is one of the reasons we keep on adding the latest casinos to the site. In this way, we can offer a complete bonus collection for 2024. Also, for users, it’s a reason to come back to the site to find the newest promotions.

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