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Teen Patti is a gambling card game that shares some similarities with poker. The game has three to six players, and it uses a 52-card pack. If you would like to try out something new, this Indian gambling card game might be what you need. Below is a detailed description of everything you would need to know about Teen Patti.

How to Play Teen Patti

Teen Patti is an Indian card game with three to six players and uses a 52 deck of cards without any jokers. All players in the game receive three cards — all of which are face down. Before dealing the cards, a boot amount is set and collected from all players. The boot amount represents the minimum stake that a player can put in the pot. This is also the money that you will find at the centre of the table.

As everyone keeps on playing the game, the pot money grows and anyone with the winning hand gets to keep it. A winner in Teen Patti is whoever gets to remain in the game until they complete with a winning hand. This can also be someone who has the best or highest hand depending on the card rankings. The available card ranking in Teen Patti include:

  • Set or trail or three cards of the same rank (AAA, KKK, 222, etc.)
  • Pure sequence (A23, 432, AKQ, KQJ, etc.)
  • Run or sequence (432, KQJ, A23, AKQ, etc.)
  • Colour (532, AK10, AKJ, etc.)
  • Two cards of the same rank or pair (223, AAQ, AAK, etc.)
  • High card (532, AK10, AKJ, etc.)

After getting the cards, the player next to the dealer begins to play in a clockwise direction. The first player has the option to place a blind bet (without seeing the cards), or see the card. If a player sees the cards, they can have other options depending on the game's progress or play Chaal. On the other hand, if you place a blind bet, you are a blind player and if you place a bet after seeing the cards, you are a seen player.

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Teen Patti Rules and Mechanics

In Teen Patti, there are two types of players:

  • A blind player
  • A seen player

Blind Player

The blind player never gets to see their cards. Therefore, the player has options to play show, blind, and pack when available. When playing blind, the player gets to put the amount in the pot. The bet amount is always equal to the stake amount.

Furthermore, if the first player is a blind player, they must bet an amount equal to the boot amount or twice the amount. On the other hand, the stake amount is the bet placed by a blind player. However, in case there are other blind players, they can place a bet equal to the stake amount or even twice the amount.

The blind player has an option to ask for a show. However, this is only available when a single opponent is remaining in the game. Asking for a show as a blind player is known as a blind show. After asking for a show, both player’s cards become visible. The player with the winning hand at the end of the round ends up getting the pot.

Seen Player

On the other hand, a seen player has the option to play pack, Chaal, or other options. The additional options that a seen player might have, include a side show or a show. More so, upon seeing the cards, the player must play Chaal to remain in the game unless they have another available option.

When playing Chaal, the player has to put the available bet amount in the pot. However, as a seen player, you get to have a bet amount of twice or quadruple the current stake amount. More so, if the previous player is a blind player, the next player’s stake amount is the amount bet by the blind player. But if the previous player was a seen player, the stake amount is half the amount bet by the player.

For a side show, the player gets to compare their cards with the previous player. However, this is only available if the previous player was also a seen player. More so, there ought to be more players who are still in the game. During a side show, you get to wager an amount that’s equal to double the current stake.

When you request a side show, the previous player can accept or deny the request.

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How to Earn Real Cash Online with Teen Patti

Playing online Teen Patti can make you some money. That’s by being able to master the rules and always have the winning hand. As a player, you need to focus on a winning hand, the best hand, or the highest hand as per the card rankings.

This enables you to win the entire amount in the pot. On the other hand, you should consider playing in reliable online casinos like National Casino and Casumo if you want to win real cash. When picking such casinos, ensure that they have safe, reliable banking solutions and strict privacy measures.

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Teen Patti Gold

As a mobile player, Teen Patti Gold can satiate all your betting needs. This card game is available to install on your mobile device, and you get to interact with over 6 million players globally. You do also get access to Teen Patti tournaments by downloading this game.

To win Teen Patti Gold, you will need to have a strategy and luck by your side. Furthermore, the game enables you to invite your friends and family for more fun. With this feature, you can all enjoy the different weekly events and challenges as a group.

How to Play Teen Patti Games for Free

If you want to train and become better at Teen Patti, you can try looking for some free options online. Doing so helps you learn the best strategies and get to know the rules. When playing for free, you get to know the different betting types, the terms and definitions, the variations, and even how to win.

If you don't want to try out some mediocre sites for free Teen Patti games, you can also try out the free demo. The advantage of using the demo is that you don't need to download the game or register to play the game.

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