The rise of online gambling expansion in Australia over the last decade has been unveiled in a new research. According to the study, about 18% of questioned individuals gambled online in 2019, up from 8% in 2010.

A rapidly expanding industry

Professor Nerilee Hing of the Experimental Gambling Research Laboratory at Central Queensland University (CQU) offered more information on the research. She claimed that with 10% of the vote, online lotteries were the most popular type of internet gambling, followed by horse racing and sports betting with about 6% a piece.

Hing attributed the increase in online casino Australia users to a number of factors, including the advent of new iGaming alternatives including multi-bets, eSports, fantasy sports, and loot boxes. She also mentioned the increase in internet connections, the ease with which mobile applications may be used, and the rise of advertising and incentives. Surprisingly, the research also discovered that total gaming involvement in Australia has decreased from 64% in 2010 to 57% in 2019.

Over 15,000 Australians polled

In order to conduct their investigation regarding internet gaming, CQU researchers polled over 15,000 Australian people. GRA wanted to find out whether there have been any changes to interactive gaming since the first national Interactive Gambling Study in 2010.

According to the GRA's findings, Australia's internet gamblers are mostly young males with a higher-than-average degree of education. They are usually in de facto partnerships and enjoy gambling via a variety of activities. The Australian Capital Territory has the greatest incidence of internet gambling at approximately 20%, followed by Western Australia at 18%.

The research also looked at the issue of illicit offshore gambling, which is still a problem. In 2019, about 26% of interactive gamblers utilized an illicit site to buy quick scratch tickets, while 16% used an offshore site to play casino games. Nearly half of those polled had never checked whether a website had a license, indicating that they were unaware of its illegality.

Furthermore, the CQU research was the first nationwide study to look into the harmful effects of gaming. According to the study, 9% of Australians have been harmed by their own gambling, while 6% have been harmed by the gambling of others. Online gamblers were twice as likely to be harmed as land-based consumers.

The National Framework of Australia

The National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering is now being implemented by Australia's local governments. Officials aim to create baseline safeguards for internet gamblers via the regulations posted on the Australian government website, reducing the risk of gambling-related damage.

Ten measures will be implemented as part of the National Framework to safeguard consumers across all Australian jurisdictions. This will entail, among other things, obligatory customer verification to ensure that vulnerable individuals are not able to access online gambling, limitations on the incentives that operators may provide, and prohibitions on the use of payday lenders for gaming purposes.

In November 2018, the Commonwealth, state, and territory governments started adopting the National Framework. Officials intend to evaluate the measurements throughout the process in order to improve and modify them based on new information.

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